Three Cleveland teens that were charged for their involvement in a viral video prank on an autistic teen admitted to swapping in urine, tobacco and spit instead of typical ice water for the social-media-fueled fundraiser the Ice Bucket Challenge. After admitting guilt during a juvenile court hearing on Thursday, the lawyers of the suburban teens apologized on behalf of their clients.  

Punishment for the three teens involved will be decided after the court prepares a pre-sentencing report. Two teens will be doing a diversion program and were not present in court.

The AP reports that the attorneys of the defendants were not aware that the teen boy was autistic. “It was pretty big news to my client,” attorney John Lawson said. Lawson says that the five boys have been ordered to stay away from the victim, but added that his client hopes to resume his relationship with the autistic boy down the line.

Robert Gray, the attorney for another teen being charged, said that his client confirmed that at least one of several buckets contained bodily fluids that were used for the prank video. Both attorneys said that they hope the courts sentence their clients to community service, adding that the boys are interested in volunteering with an autism group.

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, a group of five Bay High School classmates from Bay Village, Ohio, tricked the 15-year-old autistic boy into creating an ice bucket challenge video to raise awareness for ALS, but then doused him with a bucket of their own bodily fluids. According to the boy’s mother, the video was filmed on his cell phone and posted on Instagram.