Finding a video of a TV Program or movie online can sometimes be tough with all the content that is out there - now there is a new online internet TV and Movie guide that indexes all this content for you.

Los Angeles-based Clicker Media, a provider of an online programming guide to Internet television, officially launched Thursday its website which serves as a web portal for television shows, movies and music videos.


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Rather than sifting through all these video sites online trying to find the latest episode of a TV show you missed or movie, Clicker acts like a one-stop shop for online videos.

Clicker boasts more than 450,000 episodes, from over 6,000 shows, from over 1,200 networks. They also contain 40,000 movies and 50,000 music videos from 20,000 artists.

Roughly 30,000 movies come from Netflix's streaming library or Amazon’s video store, which require a fee to stream or download. Meanwhile, the rest of content provided through Clicker is for free.

Clicker CEO Jim Lanzone, formerly CEO of, said We are trying to build the ultimate programming guide for the coming age of Internet TV.

Clicker is a hybrid of many other kinds of information and entertainment sites: one part directory, one part search engine, one part Wiki, one part entertainment guide, and one part DVR, Lanzone writes in his blog.

The startup refers to themselves as “one part directory, one part search engine, one part wiki, one part entertainment guide, and one part DVR.”

In order to cover costs, the site will rely on advertising and may later ask for commission from video producers who charge viewers to watch their content.