ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of automated workforce management and optimization solutions, today announced the availability of ClickMobile Professional, a real-time system built with HTML5, making it compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The integration of HTML5 technology allows for a “hybrid” deployment of the application. It’s availability as a Web-based application eliminates the need for download or installation; ensures its functionality when in “no-connectivity” situations; and eliminates information lapses between users.

The company said ClickMobile Professional addresses long-standing challenges in the market.

“Keeping up with the rapid obsolescence of mobile devices has long been problematic for both mobile service technicians and IT departments,” Dr. Moshe BenBassat, chairman and CEO of ClickSoftware stated in the press release. “With its unique device-agnostic approach, ClickMobile Professional enables companies to continually use the application, even as they adopt new technologies and devices yet to be developed, while also giving employees the freedom to run ClickMobile Professional on their personal, preferred devices.”

Dr. BenBassat also noted ClickMobile Professional’s ability to cater to the most demanding mobile workforces that depend on real-time mobility to execute their tasks.

In today’s press release, the company detailed ClickMobile Professional’s new features:

• Real-time synch between devices: In the field, technicians may need to switch from a laptop to a smartphone as they move through their workday. With ClickMobile Professional, technicians can move from device to device – or even run the application on multiple devices in tandem simultaneously, confident that the information they are working from is the most complete and current.

• Control Center: The Control Center gives teams unlimited ability to respond to unexpected situations – whether it’s a customer emergency or a service level agreement at risk. ClickMobile Professional’s Control Center gives managers, team leaders and dispatchers a full and real-time view of the ongoing service processes on their mobile devices; tablets or smartphones. The rich maps, route information and configurable displays lets them make informed decisions which are instantly communicated to the field. When combined with additional products in ClickSoftware’s ServiceOptimization Suite, the decision-making process becomes automated, monitoring technicians’ locations and current tasks, and allocating the job to the best-suited technician, eliminating the need to manually contact multiple technicians for availability and then guides them through the work. All leading to the ultimate real time service enterprise; a concept pioneered by ClickSoftware.

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