width=200We've got cattle and chickens for miles and miles, but, for some reason food producers want to jam meat from cloned animals down our throats, even though it's still unclear if eating cloned meat is safe.

So, should we introduce cloned meat into the food supply? No, the answer is no, 1,000 times no! There's no need. There's no shortage of cows - cut the bull!

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) says meat from a cloned bull somehow snuck into the food chain unauthorized.

The FSA investigation found two cloned bulls born in England, were slaughtered and meat from one of the animals entered the food supply last July, and was most likely eaten. Beef from the second cow didn't get in.

Other reports claim meat from the bulls' offspring hit the market. This is all illegal. The FSA considers meat from cloned animals novel foods, which require authorization before they can be sold.

I'm sure cloned food producers love the extra label. Would you buy meat identified as cloned? I'm guessing no. How long before that tag mysteriously disappears? I wonder...

All this comes off the heels of another report that a local farmer was using milk from a cow bred from a clone.

Despite the creepiness of eating cloned animals, the FSA insists there are no safety concerns surrounding cloned meat, but emphasized the importance of adhering to food regulations. Wow, that's comforting.

I don't eat meat, so this doesn't really matter to me, but stop and use your brain for a second - and take any animal rights issues out of it - we're talking about human health here. Until long term studies have been conducted on the safety of consuming cloned meat, we shouldn't be eating it, period.

Without proper research you're rolling the dice on a possible health crisis, which is stupid, arrogant, and irresponsible.