CMG Holdings, Inc. is a full service global marketing, sports, entertainment, and management communications company. They operate in the area of alternative advertising, new media marketing services, commercial rights, and talent management. CMG Holdings, Inc. has an office in New York, New York, and an office in Miami, Florida. The Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board.

CMG Holdings’ Talent Management division includes representation of personalities in the entertainment, athletic, and literary industries for endorsements, licensing, speaking appearances, and image marketing. They represent some of the top athletes and sports personalities in the world today.

The Company’s Event Management services include marquis hospitality, sponsorships, licensing, production, and implementation of events. This includes hospitality services pairing corporate client sponsors and premier events to ensure the highest return on their investment and brand exposure.

CMG Holdings’ Commercial Rights includes branding, consulting, licensing, sponsorships, and sales through image marketing tools to generate premier brand recognition for their clients. CMG works to leverage a client’s existing business model to increase their presence in the worldwide market. Their team of analysts research particular business environments and offer strategies for taking advantage of given market conditions.

CMG Holdings, Inc. is looking to expand their national presence through acquired companies. They work to capitalize on future growth via economic recovery, intellectual property of continued patents, sales and marketing, new product development, and continued operations.

Yesterday, CMG Holdings, Inc. announced that Audio Eye, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, received awarding of their first patent. Titled “Method and Apparatus for Website Navigation by the Visually Impaired”, Audio Eye now has three additional patents pending. This newly issued patent provides protection of an invention that enables Internet navigation and breakthrough Multi-Format publishing capabilities.

Additionally, the patent is a long awaited milestone and will be foundational in Audio Eye’s mission to become the standard for Internet Accessibility, Mobile audio Internet navigation, and Multi-Format Publishing technology. Audio Eye continues to pursue patent applications under a family of patents entitled “System and Method for Audible Web Site Navigation” filed in March of 2007. This includes additional mobile phone and breakthrough Really Simple Syndication (RSS) audio publishing capabilities. They anticipate issuance of this patent in 2010.