CNN anchor Carol Costello didn't just report the news last week. She became it after being assaulted and robbed mid-day in Atlanta. According to local police, the broadcaster was walking in midtown on Piedmont Avenue Thursday when she was accosted by three teens.

Costello, 51, shared her side of the tale on her official CNN Facebook page Friday.

“Three teenagers ran up behind me. One of them grabbed my iPhone. Stupidly, I struggled to hold onto it. But he was a big guy, and he pulled out a chunk of my hair. I let go,” said Costello, who said she was talking on the phone before she attracted the teen’s attention.

The anchor said the teens ran away from the scene of the crime, laughing while she yelled unidentified expletives at them. Despite the intensity of the situation, Costello said she is filled more with anger than fear.

“Now I’m angry, shaken and sad. What a lousy life those kids have ahead of them,” she said, warning others not to flash their pricey electronics in public. The anchor is now insisting she was a victim of “Apple picking,” a recent trend in which Apple products are stolen while still in use by their owners and wiped clean of their memory before being resold.

“Do not talk on your iPhone as you walk down the street,” Costello said. “Oh, and let go of the stupid device if someone tries to steal it," she said.

WSBTV reported Saturday that the assault and robbery took place at around 4:30 p.m. Costello reportedly gave authorities a description of one of the males, describing him as black with curly dark hair, 5 feet-8 inches tall, skinny and wearing a light gray or light blue sweatshirt.

Police are still investigating.