Receiving praise is always a good thing. Feelings of accomplishment, camaraderie between your co-workers and a general sense pride in your work are expressed by those involved. Pride in your work stands out the most we believe, and that’s just it. When one truly “believes” in something, they dedicate time, money, the possibility of time away from family and friends. It goes beyond thinking whether it can work, the determination and sheer will to accomplish takes over.

In the oil and gas market, it is difficult when to honor praise to the manufacturers. The market is so volatile that one day things are looking great, the next day, not so great. Sustainability and longevity are words used by those in every business, but in oil and gas it is different. In order to receive praise, meaningful praise, the oil company has to step out into the open, be recognized for their positive reactions and changes set in place, and sustain those adjustments for some time to even be considered. It is difficult to say the least.

However, when it does happen, nothing but good things comes out of it. Cobra Oil & Gas Company’s actions and adjustments to protocol now have researchers swimming in positive short and long term information. The company has a strong management team in place as well as an incredibly established balanced portfolio of assets, able to sustain higher profitability while utilizing modern technology.

One of Wall Street’s top independent research firms just released a report on Cobra Oil with a “BUY” recommendation and a $3.65 long-term price target. This is jaw dropping news to investors. It is something that only happens in a great while. It would be great to see more often, but sometimes you have to take what you can get it.