Coco Austin is looking fit and sexy in recent Instagram photo which showed what her body looked like a week after she gave birth to daughter Chanel.

The TV personality took to Instagram Monday to reveal a before and after picture of her body after pregnancy, E!News reported. The surprising photo showed a side by side comparison of Austin while she was 36 weeks pregnant with Chanel and her slim figure a week after delivery. 

She wrote, "1 week post baby. The left was me at 36 weeks ( I had Chanel at 37 weeks) I was basically in shape before I got pregnant. 

Austin also shared some of her fitness routine and diet during pregnancy. She stated on Instagram that she stopped her workout regimen when she was 4 months pregnant and mostly ate fruit. “[I] pretty much became a fruitarian after that lol..,” she added. “I ate other foods but craved fruit. Lol."

Ice T’s wife also revealed that she lost 10 pounds “even before [she] started to gain baby weight.” In her Instagram post, she attributed the weight loss to several factors such when she decided to stop drinking alcohol, losing a lot of muscle when she stopped weight lifting and eating healthy diet, along with taking “vitamins everyday.”

She also mentioned that she only gained 13 pounds during her whole pregnancy and that her weight is “almost back to normal at 137 pounds.” The star’s pregnancy journey has been a surprise, something which Austin described as “strange” given how her body reacted to the pregnancy. In her Instagram post, she stated that she was “was mentally prepared to blow up like a whale and I was totally cool with it I really could have cared less how my body looked it didn't matter to me."

The proud new mother ended her Instagram post by sharing how “blessed” she felt having a healthy baby. She added, “I believe anybody could too go through a wonderful experience and that’s why I made a baby blog so people could know the steps I took..I hope to bring inspiration.”

Meanwhile, Austin and husband Ice-T were recently faced with criticisms after a fan warned Austin not to “exploit” her baby in social media. The TV personality responded by clarifying that she’s proud to finally be a mother and that she’s not exploiting her baby.

Austin and Ice-T welcomed their first child together on Nov. 28.