Coco Austin is at the last trimester of her pregnancy and has shared some details of her journey in a pregnancy blog. One of the interesting stories that she wrote was the reason behind her decision to show off her baby bump in a thong bikini.

The fitness enthusiast and TV personality’s pregnancy blog posts, which were made exclusively for E!News, recounted Austin’s journey to motherhood and her excitement in welcoming daughter Chanel to the world. The pregnancy should have been a happy time for the mom-to-be, however, she faced negative feedbacks from critics who doubted her pregnant status.

Austin wrote in her pregnancy blog that she felt frustrated because “people were saying I was using a surrogate or I wasn't really pregnant, I'm buying a baby” and other negative claims. Ice-T’s wife’s baby bump was not very noticeable even during the star’s eight month of pregnancy.

“The only way you could physically see my bump was to get kind of halfway naked and to see it from the side angle,” she shared in her blog post. “Even 8 months along, if I'm wearing a baggy shirt, you could never tell I was pregnant. It has to be a certain angle.”

This then prompted Austin to wear a thong bikini so she could really prove her pregnancy. “So I thought wearing a swimsuit would show people that I am pregnant…” she stated. “If I got into a bikini, you could see a pregnant tummy there. I just wanted to prove a point but at the same time, I'm not here to prove a point. I'm pregnant and you're going to see this bump one day or another.”

The pictures, which Austin shared in Facebook, has been removed from social media since the TV personality didn’t want to get further “negative vibes or results” from showing off her baby bump in a bikini. She also explained in her pregnancy blog that she was “not embarrassed of the pictures.” Austin explained that she decided to remove them since she wanted the focus to be on her soon-to-be-born daughter Chanel.

However, that did not stop Austin from sharing a few pictures of her pregnant self on Instagram. Earlier in November, the star uploaded several progress photos which showed off her baby bump, according to People magazine. Apart from her pregnant selfies, Austin also shared ultrasound videos of her baby on Instagram.

Austin is expected to give birth to daughter Chanel in December.