Coco proudly shows off her growing baby bump, while Ice-T fires back at critics questioning his wife’s pregnancy.

Now eight-months pregnant, Coco is expected to welcome her and Ice-T’s baby girl in December this year.  It has been quite a journey for the couple, with the “Law & Order: SVU” actor supporting his wife amid critics who doubted Coco’s pregnancy because of her small baby bump.

In a recent interview with E!News, Ice-T shared how they received weird feedback from critics over Coco’s pregnancy.  He said, "She didn't show for a long time.  A lot of people are like, she's not pregnant, she's lying, she's having a surrogate, all kinds of weird stuff. I'm like the girls pregnant. Just give it a little time."

And when Coco’s baby bump started showing, the TV celebrity paraded her growing tummy on red carpet events and on her Instagram account, according to People magazine.  During the Media’s Tribute to African-American Achievements in Television held in October, Coco looked stylish in a black mini-dress with a plunging neckline.  Coco also showcased on Instagram the various sheer, sparkly outfits she tried on for her baby’s “pre-birthday party” celebration.

Meanwhile, Coco is already looking forward to having their baby girl, to be named Chanel, so she could share her love for fashion and shoes.  "I just can't wait to dress her up,” she told E!News. “You know I never had a doll in my life.  Never had a Barbie my entire life.  So this is my first real life doll."

She explained to E! that she didn’t have a doll growing up since she was a “tomboy” who was more “into sports” and as a child she would “much rather have electronic games to play with.”

Coco also joked to E! that she felt like an “Oompa Loompa” when she hit her eight-month pregnancy mark.  "Literally, on the eighth month, I woke up and was like 'Oh my god. I'm huge. I feel like an Oompa Loompa.'"

She added, "I know I'm still not that big, but to me, I could usually see my toes and I can't see my toes when I look down."  Coco’s comment gained a reply from Ice-T, who teased, "It's not because of your stomach honey."

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