Publisher Codemasters has announced over the weekend that “F1 2015” will be delayed, with the game's original launch date of June 12 to be moved to July 10. To make up for the delay, Codemasters has decided to release a new “F1 2015” gameplay trailer, which should make fans of the sport happy.

The graphics of the game are a marvel to look at; some parts of the trailer below look like segments from an actual Formula 1, or F1, race, so it’s clear that a lot of care has been taken into how the game looks. Gameplay also looks very smooth in the trailer. However, looking at a game and playing a game are entirely different things, so fans will actually have to try the game to see how well it plays.

That being said, there is a lot in the game that should get F1 fans excited, including the return of the much-missed podium sequences. According to Games Radar, there hasn’t been a podium sequence in an F1 game in over 10 years, so it could be nice participating in one again.

“F1 2015” will also be the first F1 racing game for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, so fans are expecting something big for the game’s current-gen console debut. While there isn’t a lot of information regarding the game modes, Eurogamer has been able to confirm that the titles will run in true high definition. The PlayStation 4 version will reportedly most likely run in 1080p, while the Xbox One version will run in about 900p, which is still fairly impressive.

Current generation consoles have had a good number of racing games, most recently the acclaimed racing simulator “Project Cars.” It will be interesting to see if “F1 2015” will be able to compete in the race for current-gen greatness, though most fans of the racing game genre are probably happy to have a lot of game options.

F1 2015 Teaser Trailer (Credit: YouTube/F1 Games From Codemasters)