Teen Wolf season 5 has proved to be one of the most exciting season series for the MTV show. And now, Cody Christian has revealed a few details about his character, Theo, along with some information about the season finale.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Christian revealed that the midseason finale of “Teen Wolf” would have fans “hating him” given his character’s big villain reveal. He mentioned that the season 5A ending will provide viewers more insight about Theo and his plans.

"There are just so many questions, and the finale is really going to answer a lot of them. I think people are finally going to see and understand Theo’s purpose in Beacon Hills, and they’re definitely going to keep hating him, I’ll tell you that," Christian said.

Since Christian’s Theo has arrived in Beacon Hills, the character has tried to insert himself into the pack and the lives of the people surrounding the TV series’ main hero Scott, played by Tyler Posey. This definitely is no coincidence and Christian said that it was the character’s “ultimate goal” to earn the trust of every pack member.

The actor even admitted during his Hollywood Life interview that Theo is meant to be "the guy you love to hate.” The former “Pretty Little Liars” star also described his Theo persona as “one of the best villains of Teen Wolf thus far.”

Aside from talking about his character’s motives, Christian also told Entertainment Weekly (EW) that the “Teen Wolf” midseason finale featured a tension-filled episode, wherein most of it was heightened by the supermoon. The star explained how it has been the Dread Doctors’ plan to “execute on the supermoon” and that the season 5A finale showed the correlation of that to the pack and the Dread Doctors.

“[The supermoon] is going to intensify the effects that the supernatural feel from the moon, so obviously the Dread Doctors are planning to harness that," Christian said.

When EW asked whether Theo will be part of “Teen Wolf” season 5B, the actor could not say if his character will be included in the next season. Although, Christian reportedly did mention that in case Theo moves forward in the series, the character’s relationship with the Dread Doctors “will be touched.”

Lastly, Christian admitted that Theo has been playing a “beautiful mind game” with other “Teen Wolf” characters wherein “everything that’s been happening, Theo had some involvement in it.” He also teased fans on how the finale episode would have viewers “losing their minds for the premiere episode of 5B.”

Loyal “Teen Wolf” fans will have to wait for the show’s 5B season to find out how Scott and his pack weathered the stormy 5A season ending. The midseason finale episode of “Teen Wolf” aired Monday on MTV.

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