Republicans in Minnesota and Colorado will head to their caucus stations Tuesday to choose the states' Republican nominee to fight Barack Obama in the November general elections.

Missouri will be holding a primary on the same date. However, no delegates will be awarded since the Missouri Republican Party will be holding a caucus on March 17 for choosing the convention delegates.

Minnesota Caucus

Caucuses are held for the 2012 presidential nomination for all the major political parties in the Minnesota state. The Precinct Caucus starts at 7 pm on Feb. 7. Minnesota encourages public participation in the caucusing and voting is open to public.  In Minnesota, voters irrespective of their party registration can vote for any party though they can vote only in one caucus.

To vote an individual should be a resident of the concerned precinct and should eligible to vote in the presidential election in November.

The voters can find there precinct caucus here.

The Minnesota Republican Party caucus is non-binding and has 40 delegates. Therefore, none of the 40 delegates from the Feb. 7 the caucus are bound to any candidate.  The 24 delegates will be elected at Congressional district conventions in mid-April. The state convention, which takes place May 4 and 5, may vote to bind 13 at Large delegates.

As of Feb. 3, the state has 3,090,122 registered voters, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site.

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Colorado Caucus

The Colorado Republican precinct Caucus starts at 7 pm Feb. 7. The voters are recommended to arrive at the respective precincts no later than 6.30 pm to allow for registration.

Precinct caucus attendees must be registered to vote and affiliated with the Republican Party at least two months prior to the precinct caucus (no later than Dec. 7, 2011), and must be a resident of their precinct for at least thirty days (no later than Jan. 7, 2012) to be eligible to participate in their precinct caucus meeting or to be elected as a delegate or precinct committeeperson. 

Participation in the precinct caucus by absentee ballot or by proxy is not allowed, but a person may be elected as a delegate or precinct committee person in absentia if they are unable to attend the meeting in person, according to the information from Colorado GOP Web site.

The Republican voters can find there precinct caucus here.

Colorado is a non-binding caucus with 36 delegates and none of the 36 delegates from the Feb 7 the caucus are bound to any candidate.

The state has 793,098 active registered Republican voters and 680,099 active Democrat voters, according to Colorado Secretary of State Web site.

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