A Colorado high school student killed himself “to show his allegiance to the Nazi party and the killing of the Jewish people,” according to media reports. He was the leader of a student-based Nazi-themed Facebook group that advocated the murder of Jews and African Americans,  according to Boulder Police.

At least 15 students, all from multiple area schools, were said to have participated in the group known as the “4th Reich’s Official Group Chat.” The members came from Boulder Preparatory High School, Centaurus High in Lafayette, Monarch High in Louisville, Pomona High in Arvada, Boulder High and Colorado Mountain College. At least five students from Boulder Valley high school were expelled following the discovery of the social media group chat, the Daily Camera reported Wednesday.

The “4th Reich” refers to the future successor of Nazi Germany’s Third Reich and has been tied to Neo-Nazism. The members of the chat all adopted titles and names that Hitler’s SS forces went by. The “leader” of the chat group identified himself as “The Fuhrer.”

Those participating in the group were asked to recruit new members, 9News reported Wednesday. Although the group discussed “building our army for war,” there were no specific plans detailed in any of the posts.

While Boulder Police could not find any evidence that might lead to a “credible threat,” law enforcement would be added to the schools for safety, 9News reported. The students will not face charges, according to Fox 31 Denver. 

Police learned about the group after the Sept. 21 suicide of the student who attended Boulder Preparatory. He was a minor and has not been identified by officials. 

Reports of students exchanging racist pictures and messages through social media channels like Facebook and Snapchat have been prevalent in recent months, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and others have blamed Republican Donald Trump for some of the racial tensions after his remarks against Muslims, Mexicans and women.