The lines between TV and Internet TV have become increasingly blurred, Comcast Interactive Media Executive noted on Wednesday, adding that the trend is moving more towards content proliferation over multiple platforms.

Speaking at the Future TV Show in New York, Elizabeth Schimel, the Senior Vice President of Comcast Interactive Media said that not only have the viewing habits of consumers changed, but consumers want videos on demand and are fast taking over as the key generators of content.

The viewer has become the programmer, Schimel noted.

They (the users) are creating content and interacting with content, creating viewing lineups around content, and they're acting as the ultimate selectors is what they want to watch and where they want to watch. We are seeing content proliferation and blurring of the lines between TV, internet TV and mobile TV. This is the future of TV, Schimel added.

With the increased hype over social-networking, media companies acknowledge that consumers have power and are in control. Comcast partnered with Facebook and launched a TV series called Facebook Diaries, made entirely from user-generated videos. The show consists of ten half-hour episodes and appears on Ziddio, Comcast's on demand video service and on Facebook.

Comcast made this partnership in a bid to tap into the Facebook community of over 60 million subscribers and push their content to them. Schimel acknowledged that while the content is king euphemism used by media companies is still the focus point of their endeavors, what has changed is the need to personalize content according to the viewer.

Don't give editorial voice, or push things in front of the user, but allow them to be in control and the users will keep coming back to the site, that's the trick, Schimel added.