Garry Shandling was a devout Buddhist during his lifetime and has been honored as such in death. The comedian, who starred on “The Larry Sanders Show,” will also be receiving a great honor.

According to TMZ, Shandling, 66, made arrangements for his funeral prior to his death with the help of a longtime employee. He kept his wishes private. The publication claims he will be casually dressed at the funeral and will achieve monk status. In doing so his head will be shaved during the ceremony by another monk. Shandling will then be laid to rest with a card that outlines the “Five Precepts of Buddha.” Although this is believed to be the plan, TMZ reports that Shandling may have opted to be cremated — another acceptable option in his faith. Food will be served afterward as those close to Shandling begin their 49-day mourning period.

While his exact cause of death remains unclear, it has been reported that Shandling was not feeling well in the days leading up to his passing. On March 25, TMZ claimed that the comedian had been in contact with a close friend, who also happened to be a doctor. He was said to be complaining about feeling achey and short of breath. The friend reportedly made a house call for Shandling and warned him that if his symptoms persisted he should visit an emergency room.

Shandling is said to have called 911 around 10:30 a.m. PDT on March 24. He allegedly lost consciousness during the call. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after, broke down the door and found him. His pulse was weak but still present at the time. Shandling was taken to a Santa Monica, California, hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A date for his funeral has not been revealed yet.