Earlier this week, reality star Kim Kardashian West starred in a video by Glamour magazine in which she wrote a letter to her future self. It didn’t take long for comedian Jimmy Kimmel to make a parody of the short clip. He created his own version, making it a letter to Jimmy Kimmel of 2025. The clip aired on ABC's “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Kardashian West’s video showed her wearing a pale pink turtleneck while sitting in a room with pale walls. She had a white marbled laptop where she was seen typing away her letter. She could be heard in a voiceover reading out the contents of the letter.  

Kimmel told his audience that he was inspired by Kardashian West’s letter and decided to write one for himself. He then showed a hilarious clip where he was wearing an exact version of Kardashian West’s turtleneck. He also had the setting completely replicated right down to the marbled laptop. [Scroll down for video.]

Kardashian West started off her letter by telling herself that she isn’t getting any younger and that she should be happy with the way she looks. Kimmel asked his future self if he’s still “#blessed” and “snapchat grateful,” in an obvious attempt to poke fun at the social media maven.

Kardashian West reminded herself to be patient with her 12-year-old daughter North while Kimmel wished that his kids are healthy and strong. Things got funnier when Kimmel made his own version of Kardashian West’s wishes for her family. While she wanted her sisters to fall in love and have all their dreams come true, Kimmel decided that his Aunt Chippy had probably died before 2025.

Kardashian West wondered about the fate of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and Kimmel does the same about his own show. He then asks, “Am I finally gay? Did my Latisse treatments work?”

While Kardashian West asked if she is still “on fleek,” Kimmel wondered “what is the new kale?” He also poked fun at the selfie queen by telling his future self that he wanted to take a selfie with him.

Kimmel ended his video by saving it into his computer with the note: “Do not open until hoverboards exist.” See the full video below: