Comic Con is known for bringing the best and most iconic names in nerd culture under one roof, and what better way to kick off the convention than with the father of time travel himself: Christopher Lloyd.

The 73-year old actor held a Q&A with fans on Oct. 12, the first full day of this year’s New York Comic Con, to answer questions about both the past and the future. Star-struck fans lined up behind the microphones throughout the auditorium to ask the renowned screen star about his experiences.

“’Back to the Future’ is a film that keeps going from generation to generation,” Lloyd said when asked which part of the trilogy was his favorite. “It’s amazing to be part of something like that. I liked making the third movie the most; it had the same excitement of the first movie. And it was a western, who doesn’t want to be in a western?”

The “Doc Brown” actor delved into what went on behind the scenes when shooting “Back to The Future 3,” providing insight for fans of the widely acclaimed film series.

“The scene where there was a township dance taking place was probably my favorite,” he said. “I remember staying up all night for two nights just to shoot that scene. And ZZ Top was playing all night, so it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Audience members recognized Lloyd for more than just his role as Doc Brown in “Back To The Future,” arguably his most remembered character of all time. Fans asked the actor about his experiences working on set for films such as “The Adams Family” and “Star Trek.”

“They all hit their marks; they were just a wonderful cast,” he said when discussing ‘The Adams Family.’ “And Christina Ricci, I remember when she was just 12 years old. When we all got together to read the script, there was a problem with the script.  Then Christina said ‘How about we do this?’ and everybody stopped cold. That was it. She as obviously such a talented actress already.”

Lloyd also bridged the gap between acting in live action movies and animated films, which he said are more similar than some may think.

“In a funny way, it’s not all that different.” he said. “You have to get into the voice, the feelings and all that. You don’t see a live actor working, but you have to recreate the same emotions. Sometimes they’ll have someone filming you while you’re recording, and they’ll animate the character based on your movements. It’s a lot of work.”

The former “Taxi” star said that he currently has about seven independent films in post -production, but did not specify any titles. When it comes to working in the indie genre, Lloyd said it could be hard to keep track of a film’s success.

“Hopefully, they’ll have a lifetime,” he said of the seven films he recently finished. “You do them, and you finish the final wrap up, and you hope you hear about it again.”

Despite Doc Brown’s expertise at traveling through time, Lloyd said that if he had the chance, he wouldn’t jump in the Delorean.

“I would hope that in the future things get better and I can choose the right time to move forward,” he said. “As hard as these times may be, I’m happy to be here.”