Command Center Inc., an operator of on-demand labor stores in the United States, has announced that its fast response program, Command-on-Demand, has responded to the urgent need for workers to start cleanup and recovery work in Joplin, Missouri.

Using Command’s Branch-in-a-Box technology, the company began to recruit and deploy local workers last week, utilizing the parking lot as its headquarters. Branch-in-a-BOX enables Command to immediately begin operations in distressed areas under even the most difficult of situations with little to no power, water and transportation services. As a result of the massive destruction from tornadoes, undamaged and available office spaces have become scarce. By responding quickly to the scene, Command has been able to obtain suitable office spaces and create a strong presence within the community.

The company stated that it has already provided more than 150 workers a day in Joplin, and that is expects to be a source of “significantly more workers” in the upcoming weeks and months in Joplin and to other areas in the South that were affected by flooding and tornadoes. Along with helping to restore the community, Command is also providing jobs for local qualified workers who have been displaced from their employment because of the disaster.

“Our assignment in Joplin is an excellent demonstration of logistics at the highest level in temp staffing,” said Glenn Welstad, Command’s Chairman and CEO. “When an emergency hits or disaster strikes, there are so many moving pieces that have to come together right away to meet the challenge because people and companies don’t just sit around and wait for these things to happen. That’s where Command-on-Demand steps in. As part of the design of our ongoing business model at Command Center, we have experienced people and sophisticated systems that are capable of organizing and mobilizing large numbers of workers from a remote worksite, usually within a day or two, if necessary.”

“Obviously,” concluded Mr. Welstad, “you don’t ever want to see massive damage from these situations, but the reality is that when they strike hard and disrupt communities, someone has to be ready to come in quickly and provide an organized and efficient clean-up so the good folks who have suffered through the disaster can get back to their homes and normal life as soon as possible. Command-on-Demand will be there to help in any and every way it can.”

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