CommerceTel Corp. announced that they have advanced their intellectual property plan. They did this with the filing of two patent applications for inventions addressing mission-critical issues facing the mobile technology industry.

One of their innovative solutions provides for better real-time monitoring of SMS, MMS, and IVR networks to enhance network reliability. According to estimates from ABI Research, the expectation is that mobile marketing and advertising will grow at a compound annual rate of over 40 percent through 2015.

Another ABI Research study shows that SMS messages are expected to hit 7 trillion in 2011 from 4.2 billion subscribers globally. Reliability of SMS messaging and other channels of communication will be essential to the market’s ongoing growth. The intention of CommerceTel Corp.’s patent pending technology is to address this challenge.

The Company’s other patent pending invention is for an authentication system taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the mobile device for better network security. According to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the expectation is that the worldwide cyber security market will reach $80.02 billion by 2017.

CommerceTel Corp. filed for patent protection earlier in the year for a solution that leverages several capabilities of a mobile device (including facial recognition and geo-location) to authenticate the identity of end users.

The patent application for CommerceTel’s mobile authentication solution has already made it through the examination process by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It could publish as early as this year.

Alex Shah, Chief Technology Officer of CommerceTel Corp., said, “While solutions exist in the market that provide monitoring of carrier messaging networks, we feel there’s still room to innovate and establish a more effective and comprehensive solution. We believe our patent-pending technology examines SMS, MMS, and IVR channels in a new and unique way that yields a more effective solution to network reliability issues.”

Dennis Becker, CEO of CommerceTel Corp., commented, “Our deep involvement in the mobile technology ecosystem puts us in a position to foresee opportunities to leverage mobile technologies for a variety of applications. Cyber security is a rapidly growing problem and we’re excited to pursue a patented invention that could play a key role in defending against cyber threats.”

Headquartered in San Diego, California, CommerceTel Corp. is an award-winning provider of proprietary mobile marketing technologies. The Company is the inventor of C4. This is a unique, enterprise-grade platform empowering brands to engage mobile consumers through multiple channels.

C4 is a cloud-based solution that provides extensive mobile communications and extensive CRM features. It is integrated with multiple tier-one PSTN/IP carriers and micropayment processing facilities and with carrier premium SMS billing systems. Customers include CNN, Disney, Sony Pictures, AT&T, Verizon, USA Network, many professional sports franchises, the Golf Channel, and NBC Universal.

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