Unlike yesterday's Gold prices, Crude Oil failed to see any bullish growth following the opening of the US markets at 12:30 GMT. Once the New York markets opened, the USD faced a modest downturn against the EUR while stocks gained slightly. As a result, the price of precious metals, such as Gold and Silver, spiked drastically while the price for a barrel of Crude Oil remained relatively flat at $68.

With so much news affecting the stock market and forex, many traders tend to overlook the benefits of commodity trading. Crude Oil tends to be an investment with a lot of potential as it moves in large wave trends with fewer volatile spikes, making it one of the safer investments for a portfolio looking for a hedge against inflation, or away from the volatility of many currencies. Today's and tomorrow's news releases about European interest rates and American employment data are expected to create a heavy level of volume and volatility, meaning most commodities will experience something similar. Don't miss out on these opportunities if you're an active forex trader.