Communication Intelligence Corporation, – emerging in recent years as a leading provider of sophisticated electronic and biometric signature solutions for business process automation to the financial services industry, reported signing an agreement today, August 4, with leading IT services firm, CSC, to incorporate the full suite of CICI’s e-signature technologies into CSC’s new end-to-end suite, Celeriti™ (as well as some components of their insurance processing systems).

Celeriti represents a bold step forward for modern enterprise banking, and – as a platform – handles everything from payments to lending, cards and merchant products.

Conceived as a master-stroke design solution for CSC’s IT modernization framework, the new suite of Celeriti offerings leverages the powerful e-signature capabilities obtained via the agreement to extend critical components of its core architecture.

The powerful CICI SignatureOne® Ceremony® Server solution supercharges banking workflows, enabling optimal security, stability, growth and cost reduction targets to be achieved readily while providing an intuitive and attractive customer service vehicle.

The agreement will effectively allow CSC to provide e-signature capabilities to small through large organizations. The choice was arrived at by CSC after careful consideration of the core pillars of customer experience, including brand, interface, customer need-relative innovation, cross-selling profile, and ultimately the ability to create sustainable customer relationships.

President of Banking and Credit Services at CSC, John Dickson, sagely observed that the reputation of CICI, and rapidly increasing demand from the banking industry’s clientele for e-banking capabilities driven by robust e-signature solutions, is reason enough to characterize the newly formed alliance between these two veteran market leaders as strategically profound.

Global CTO for Banking and Credit Services at CSC, Paul Leadbetter, reiterated his colleague’s sentiments and praised CICI as a recognized leader in providing this critical component of a service-oriented architecture, which offers “connectivity that could be seamlessly branded across an entire enterprise” and results in a unified and therefore dominant market presence.

Leadbetter went on to say that the ability of a company to adapt to changing demands, and meet the needs of customers through innovation, was the “lifeblood of any company large or small”, and that this philosophy guided the CICI selection because of its proven capacity for handling a multiplicity of implementation scenarios.

Chairman and CEO of CICI, Guido DiGregorio, said that this agreement means the Company is now able to offer the industry a complete and viable automated, on-premise solution for expediting response times, and vowed to continue to work hand-in-hand with CSC to devise the next generation of e-signature solutions for enhancing CSC’s other financial services platforms.

VP of Channel Development & Partner Sales at CICI, Beth Selling, pointed out how crucial e-signature was to modernized workflows, and proudly affirmed her understanding that the combination of CICI’s technology and CSC’s new Celeriti framework constitutes a robust and full-spectrum solution for a modern financial services firm to deal with all of its paperless processing requirements.

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