Fans of “Community” were treated to the finale of Season 6 on Tuesday, which played like a finale to the series because, frankly, it very well may be. However, new rumors from Yahoo indicate that fans may not have seen the last of the study group just yet.

According to Deadline, Yahoo and Sony Pictures TV are in the process of negotiating more episodes of the incredibly unconventional sitcom following the apparent success of its sixth season. While greenlighting a Season 7 is welcomed news to “Community” fans, it’s worth mentioning that no metrics or ratings have been released to let people know how the show did commercially. As a result, it’s possible that these negotiations aren’t actually happening and the Dan Harmon-created series is finally being laid to rest after a very tumultuous run on TV.

Fortunately, there’s hope in the form of a statement from Yahoo (via Variety) which appears to leave the door open for more content from Greendale Community College coming in the future:

“With the season six finale of ‘Community’ airing today, we’re continually excited by how much fans are engaging with the series. Now that all episodes are available for binge viewing, stay tuned for how we keep ‘Community’ delighting is fans.”

For those unfamiliar with the series latest incarnation, it cheated death at NBC multiple times before the peacock network finally pulled the plug after five seasons. Yahoo swooped in at the eleventh hour and purchased the show for a 13-episode run about a year ago. On June 2, the final episode of Season 6 aired and now fans are wondering what will happen next.

Still, it’s a daunting task to expect Yahoo, the cast, the creators and Sony Pictures TV to all fall into place for another full season order. What’s more likely is that “Community” will deliver on the popular hashtag that started as a meta joke in the show’s early days – #sixseasonsandamovie. Shockingly enough, the six seasons happened, so now everyone is just waiting for the movie promise to come to fruition as well.

Speaking on “Conan” last week, “Community” star Joel McHale confessed that a seventh season might be out of the question, but the movie is only hinging on one small detail.

“They let Dan Harmon do anything. It was a great season. There were no notes, there were no commercials,” he said of Yahoo’s involvement in the latest season. “We don’t know what the ratings are but Yahoo just goes… they would like to do more… I don’t think we are, unless they pay me a lot of money.”

The actor then confessed that the movie will probably happen if they can get Harmon to write the script. Unfortunately for fans eagerly awaiting the series’ creator’s announcement on the matter, he took to Twitter on Monday to announce he’s taking a break from social media and all interviews.

What do you think about the future of “Community”? Would you rather see a seventh season or a movie to cap it all off with a bang? Comment below or tweet your thoughts to @TylerMcCarhy.