• J&J, Janssen Fined $1.1B Over Risperdal

    April 12 2012 12:50 PM EDT

    Johnson & Johnson was fined $1.1 billion by an Arkansas judge for concealing the risks of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

  • IBM Sets ‘PureSystems’ Model For Cloud Services

    April 11 2012 12:51 PM EDT

    International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM), the No. 2 computer services provider, announced a new campaign called “PureSystems” to sell computers and software for cloud computing.

  • Carl Icahn sued Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc to block enforcement of a bylaw that prevents the billionaire investor from launching a proxy fight that could lead to a sale of the maker of diabetes drugs.
    Carl Icahn Sues Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Pushes For Sale

    April 10 2012 9:52 AM EDT

    Carl Icahn sued Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc to block enforcement of a bylaw that prevents the billionaire investor from launching a proxy fight that could lead to a sale of the maker of diabetes drugs.

  • Xarelto, which Johnson & Johnson developed in partnership with German drugmaker Bayer AG, is already approved to reduce risk of blood clots in the legs and lungs of people who have had knee or hip replacement surgery. It is also approved to prevent stroke
    Xarelto: Johnson & Johnson Drug Shines In Trial Against Standard Lung-Clot Drugs

    March 26 2012 9:48 AM EDT

    Johnson & Johnson's blood clot preventer Xarelto proved as effective as and safer than standard treatments against blood clots of the lung in a big study, possibly paving the way for it to become the eventual preferred treatment for the third most common cause of deaths in hospitals.

  • Supreme Court Health Care Case: Opening Day Gives Justices Chance To Punt

    March 26 2012 6:49 AM EDT

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday will consider its own authority to consider a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. Additional oral arguments set for Tuesday and Wednesday will delve into whether the 2010 health care law is constitutional.

  • GlaxoSmithKline
    GlaxoSmithKline To Inject £500M Into UK Manufacturing

    March 22 2012 12:25 PM EDT

    Britain's largest drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline announced on Thursday plans to invest £500 million ($792 million) in local manufacturing operations, opening a facility in Scotland that is expected to create 1,000 jobs over the coming years.

  • Among smokers, people who prefer mentholated cigarettes tend to have more strokes than non-menthol smokers - and this seems to be especially true for women and non-African Americans, according to a North American study.
    Bloomberg Philanthropies Charity Adds $220 Million To Anti-Smoking Effort

    March 22 2012 9:29 AM EDT

    Michael Bloomberg's charitable foundation will commit $220 million over the next four years to fight tobacco use globally, including for the funding of legal challenges against the industry.

  • Evolution Fresh
    Starbucks Opens Juice Bar: What is Evolution Fresh?

    March 20 2012 10:48 AM EDT

    On Monday, Starbucks, the well-known coffee company, opened the doors to their latest store, Evolution Fresh. Don't expect to walk in there for your daily coffee fix though; Starbucks newest venture is a juice bar.

  • GNH
    GE Healthcare, Intel Open Test Lab in Israel

    March 14 2012 9:37 AM EDT

    GE Healthcare, the healthcare division of General Electric, and Intel Corp said on Wednesday they have established a laboratory in Israel to jointly test new technologies.

  • UnitedHealth is expanding health insurance services in the Middle East.
    UnitedHealth Group In Mideast Partnership

    March 14 2012 9:26 AM EDT

    UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE:UNH), the biggest U.S. health insurer by revenue, said it was partnering with a Dubai-based insurance company to provide service throughout the Middle East. The announcement is further proof of an ongoing trend for U.S. health insurers, who are looking to expand internationally in the face of some business uncertainty at home.

  • Pfizer, BYU Go To Court In May, Celebrex and Millions Of Dollars At Stake
    Pfizer, BYU Go To Court In May Over Celebrex, Millions Of Dollars At Stake

    March 13 2012 4:17 PM EDT

    Pfizer, the world's largest drug maker, is scheduled to appear in court in May over Celebrex, a drug Bingham Young University and researcher Dr. Daniel Simmons claim royalties that could amount to millions to a billion dollars.

  • Japan’s Asahi Kasei to Buy Zoll Medical for $2.2 Billion

    March 12 2012 9:32 AM EDT

    Asahi Kasei Corp., a Japanese chemical manufacturer, agreed to acquire Massachusetts-based medical device and software maker Zoll Medical Corp. for about $2.21 billion, as it looks to expand its global presence and develop a leading position in the critical care.

  • A laboratory worker of Silimed factory checks silicone in Rio de Janeiro, in this picture taken on March 27, 2003.
    New Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implant Gets FDA Approval

    March 10 2012 9:24 AM EST

    The privately held Sientra Inc. on Friday joined the publicly traded Allergan Inc. and Johnson & Johnson (Mentor Worldwide LLC) as the only three companies to have won U.S. Food and Drug Administration approvals to market controversial silicone gel-filled breast implants.

  • Watson supercomputer
    IBM’s Watson Supercomputer: Next Stop, Wall Street

    March 06 2012 4:51 PM EST

    Now that IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) Watson supercomputer has gone to the doctor, it’s going to Wall Street.

  • Obama Contraception Rule Gets Challenged by GOP Attorneys General

    February 24 2012 12:14 PM EST

    President Barack Obama may have tweaked a policy that will let religiously-affiliated employers avoid offering insurance plans that cover birth control, but seven Republican state attorneys general are fighting the proposed rule on First Amendment grounds.

  • Contraception Debate Sparks Dueling Ads in Hottest Senate Race [VIDEO]

    February 23 2012 4:44 PM EST

    Sen. Scott Brown and his likely Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren released radio ads Thursday on their position about insurance plans that cover contraception.

  • Under William Weldon's tenure, Johnson & Johnson expanded a sprawling business comprising more than 250 companies, from prescription drugmakers to a medical devices division and units that make personal care products.
    William Weldon: Johnson & Johnson CEO To Resign in April

    February 22 2012 9:38 AM EST

    Johnson & Johnson Chief Executive William Weldon will step down from his post in April after a series of recalls called into question the quality of the healthcare giant's products, from artificial hips to infant Tylenol.

  • Former Olympus President and CEO Michael Woodford speaks to the media at a news conference in London February 16, 2012.
    Japanese Prosecutors May Charge Olympus in Accounting Scandal: Report

    February 19 2012 8:28 AM EST

    Japanese prosecutors are considering indicting the Olympus Corp. as a company for falsifying its financial reports to conceal huge investment losses in a $1.7 billion scandal, the Kyodo news agency reported on Sunday, quoting investigative sources.

  • Roche Warns of Fake Avastin Cancer Drug in U.S.

    February 15 2012 11:51 AM EST

    Roche Holding AG, the Swiss drugmaker, warned that a counterfeit version of the widely used anti-cancer drug Avastin may have been purchased and used in a number of medical facilities in the U.S, potentially putting patients at risk.

  • A man stands next to a globe displaying international stock market prices at the London Stock Exchange in the City of London
    Global Growth Expectations Highest Since July -Fund Managers

    February 14 2012 1:40 PM EST

    Expectations for global growth are at their highest level since July 2011 and investors have a renewed risk appetite in a much-improved market, a monthly survey of fund managers shows.