• U.S. Housing - Mortgage Rates
    Mortgage Rates - Can They Drop Even More?

    December 20 2011 12:10 PM EST

    At least in one region of the county at dinner parties, it's the question that's on the lips of prospective home buyers: will home mortgage interest rates fall more? The average fixed rate for a 30-year mortgage for borrowers with good credit has declined to 3.92 percent,

  • U.S. Housing Sector
    Home Prices: 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a U.S. Home

    October 09 2011 3:07 PM EDT

    Incredibly, U.S. home mortgage rates continue to trend lower -- the average 30-year, fixed rate is now 4.07 percent, and they could drop even lower. Still, given soft home prices, jumping into the housing market is hardly a slam-dunk no-brainer, and here are five factors to consider before buying a home.

  • U.S. Housing Sector
    U.S. Housing: Five Tips for Prospective Home Buyers

    August 18 2011 2:09 PM EDT

    U.S. mortgage rates are falling to 50-year lows, even as existing home sales remains soft, with both stemming from uncertainty regarding the outlook for the U.S. economy. In this uncertain time, what should prospective home buyers do? Here are five tips that will help you make an informed home purchase decision.

  • U.S. Mortgage Rates
    U.S. Home Mortgage Rates Fall Again - Good Time to Lock-in a Rate?

    August 11 2011 2:02 PM EDT

    U.S. home mortgage interest rates fell again this week, and the average 30-year fixed rate is now at a low 4.19 percent -- which creates an opportunity for prospective home buyers with good credit histories.

  • Book Review: Home Seller's Guide to Tax Savings

    May 09 2011 9:39 AM EDT

    Almost five years ago, in A New Book on Taxation of Residence Sales: Don't Leave Home Without It, I reviewed Julian Block’s HOME SELLER’S GUIDE TO TAX SAVINGS.”

  • Are We Back In the Land of Affordable Housing?

    March 04 2011 8:22 AM EST

    I can hear the sound of gasps as those on bated breath begin to breathe again. This year may be “the end of the housing crash!”, according to The Wall Street Journal, (WSJ).

  • A finished wind turbine complex is shown in southern Wyoming on July 21, 2009.
    Keep Your Energy Bill Low While Selling Your Home

    February 28 2011 8:27 AM EST

    Whether you are moving into a new home, getting ready to sell yours or a vacant home, keeping energy costs down is desirable to both buyers and sellers.

  • 15 Facts That Decide Your House Price

    February 24 2011 8:00 PM EST

    To be honest, it doesn't seem to matter who publishes what these days with respect to property prices, the fact remains that most of the time, most articles and news releases are either sponsored by someone