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    Mortgage Rates Today: Mortgage Rates Improve to Begin Week

    February 16 2011 10:43 AM EST

    After last Monday's increase, mortgage rates have improved slightly to begin the week. Still attractively low and below 5%,'s daily survey of wholesale and direct lenders show that 30 year fixed mortgage rates have dipped to 4.75%

  • MID Under Attack Again in Budget Proposal

    February 15 2011 3:55 PM EST

    President Obama is targeting the tax deduction for mortgage interest payments and charitable contributions made among high-income earners.

  • Will Rising Rates Jeopardize Housing Recovery?

    February 15 2011 3:49 PM EST

    The 30-year conforming mortgage, a popular choice among borrowers, has been on the rise the last few weeks and inched above 5 percent last week for the first time in a year. Experts predict it will go even higher in the coming weeks too.

  • Flyers are stacked beside calculators at the Housing Fair put on by the National Urban League's Economic Empowerment Tour in Dallas, Texas June 13, 2009.
    Consumers captive to bad home mortgage system

    February 12 2011 10:08 PM EST

    Many U.S. consumers have no choice and are held captive to home mortgage-related companies that are often aggressively fast, commit errors in paperwork and refuse to answer questions, and whose continuing problems are holding back the country's economic recovery, a top U.S. regulator said on Friday.

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    NAR: Secondary Mortgage Market Needs Improvement

    February 11 2011 7:21 PM EST

    The National Association of REALTORS® welcomed the Obama Administration's call for an orderly transition from the current form of the secondary mortgage market to a new structure that would enable Americans to achieve affordable, sustainable mortgages.

  • Obama moves to privatize US mortgages

    February 11 2011 5:23 AM EST

    The US president will unveil a long-awaited range of plans today to reduce government support of the mortgage and housing market.

  • Landing Mortgage More Stressful Than Finding a Job?

    February 09 2011 3:26 PM EST

    Getting a mortgage in today’s lending market isn’t easy and can be a complicated, stressful process for borrowers, according to findings from a national survey by of 1,000 adults.

  • More Borrowers Underwater on Mortgages

    February 09 2011 3:23 PM EST

    With home prices still dropping in some areas during the last three months of 2010, more home owners are now finding themselves underwater on their mortgage, according to quarterly survey.

  • Mortgage Rates Head Higher

    February 09 2011 11:13 AM EST

    This past week has shown how unpredictable mortgage rates can become in an uneasy economic market. Conforming 30 year fixed mortgage rates have gradually increased from 4.625% to 4.875% while 15 year have gone from 3.875% to 4.250% according to's daily survey of wholesale and direct lenders rate sheets. These mortgage rates continue to be available to well qualified borrowers with 0.7 to 1% origination fee.

  • More Seniors Have Reverse Mortgage Regret

    February 07 2011 3:10 PM EST

    More than 30,000 U.S. home owners are facing foreclosure after defaulting on their reverse mortgages.

  • BofA Launches New Foreclosure Unit

    February 07 2011 3:09 PM EST

    Bank of America Corp. is splitting its mortgage business into two units in order to get a better handle on the flood of foreclosures.

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    GOP Seeks to End Gov't Control of GSEs

    February 04 2011 5:04 PM EST

    House Republicans say it’s time to end the government’s control over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were placed in government control in September 2008.

  • Mortgage Rates Hold Mostly Steady This Week

    February 04 2011 5:01 PM EST

    Mortgage rates mostly remained steady for the week, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly report on average mortgage rates.

  • Mortgage Rates Show Mixed Results This Week

    February 04 2011 4:57 PM EST

    McLean, VA – Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®) which shows mixed results in both long- and short-term rates this week.

  • An image showing the headquarters of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    Proposal to Curb Private Transfer Fees

    February 03 2011 7:54 PM EST

    U.S. regulators are proposing a new rule to ban Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from acquiring loans where home buyers are charged private transfer fees.

  • A U.S. 1040A Individual Income Tax form is seen at a U.S. Post office in New York
    The Most Common Tax Mistakes

    February 03 2011 7:53 PM EST

    The biggest problems small business owners make on their taxes are often mistakes or oversights they made during the previous year, the Associated Press reports. Sloppy record-keeping is the main reason for mistakes, even when accounting software is used, experts say.

  • Fed Averts Final Call on Foreclosure Rule

    February 02 2011 2:42 PM EST

    The Federal Reserve said it will no longer push ahead on a controversial proposal that would impact home foreclosures. Instead, the central bank will leave the decision to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which debuts in July and will oversee the truth-in-lending law.

  • Mortgage Applications Bounce Back

    February 02 2011 2:40 PM EST

    U.S. mortgages were back on the rise last week after a holiday-related slowdown in mid-January, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported.

  • Regulation Z Takes Effect

    January 31 2011 2:26 PM EST

    Regulation Z, a monthly payment disclosure within mortgages, took effect on Jan. 30. Enacted by the Federal Reserve, it requires lenders to disclose how and when a loan's interest rate may change.

  • The headquarters of mortgage lender Fannie Mae
    Fannie-Backed Loans to Get Costlier

    January 31 2011 2:24 PM EST

    Borrowers with Fannie Mae-backed loans will face higher borrowing costs and interest rates, even if they have a perfect credit score, starting on April 1.