• King's Speech Oscar win could boost British tourism

    March 07 2011 6:40 AM EST

    The British film's success at the Academy Awards could see a large increase in visitors to some of its key locations, if previous successes are anything to go by.

  • New Thailand rail route offers luxury to tourists

    March 07 2011 6:19 AM EST

    Eastern & Oriental's new 'Epic Thailand' journey offers tourists a luxury way to explore the more remote parts of the South-east Asian nation.

  • The secret to survival for Florida Keys commercial properties

    March 07 2011 6:02 AM EST

    While many more large-scale developments did not fare so well during the recession and resulting property industry crisis, Florida Keys' smaller boutique hotels have survived surprisingly intact.

  • Amnesty offered to 'illegal' Spanish home buyers

    March 07 2011 5:52 AM EST

    A group of British expatriates whose Spanish holiday homes were declared illegal now face a possible reprieve from the wrecking ball thanks to a new government 'amnesty'.

  • Las Vegas
    Vegas-style casinos to boost Florida tourism

    March 07 2011 5:01 AM EST

    In a bid to increase tourism in its slowly recovering economy, several state senators have introduced a bill which could see mammoth casino complexes permitted in Florida.

  • Luxurious high rise residential building in Hong Kong
    Luxury Asian Property Values Rising

    March 06 2011 8:00 PM EST

    Government restrictions on the property market in Hong Kong have played an important role in helping the region to avoid an asset bubble forming.

  • Europe Office Markets Set for Growth

    March 06 2011 8:00 PM EST

    Demand for commercial property in Europe could be set to rise following a recent prediction from one consultancy.

  • Office Property Dominates Inter-Regional Investment

    March 06 2011 8:00 PM EST

    Office property continues to make up the largest proportion of inter-regional investment around the world, with 58 per cent of all transactions for that asset class.

  • Zapatero
    Spanish prime minister manages to kick start the economy

    March 05 2011 11:50 AM EST

    The recent news from Spain has tended to be gloomy as property values have continued to fall rapidly, trapping many Britons in homes they could not sell.

    Armchair property investors benefit from stable Turkey

    March 05 2011 11:47 AM EST

    As is always the case during periods of turmoil, someone or something bucks the trend, and while the domino-like wave of civil unrest is currently rattling through a number of Middle Eastern countries, one nation has seized the opportunity to prove it has a stabile and prosperous long-term future.

  • A suburban South African home in a file photo.
    South African budget designed to attract investors

    March 05 2011 11:44 AM EST

    The South African budget was announced this week and changes have been made to the transfer duty payable on property purchases. It is designed to boost the residential property market for properties costing less than 1.5 million Rand.

  • Home Ownership Bus Tour Rolls into Chicago

    March 04 2011 3:21 PM EST

    The National Association of REALTORS® month-long Home Ownership Matters Bus Tour kicks off this weekend in Chicago outside of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show on Saturday, March 5.

  • Committee Votes to End 2 Housing Aid Programs

    March 04 2011 3:20 PM EST

    Republicans in the House Financial Services Committee voted Thursday to end two foreclosure programs that they argue haven’t done enough to help struggling home owners.

  • Mortgage Rates Drop Again This Week

    March 04 2011 3:18 PM EST

    For the third straight week, long-term mortgage rates inched down, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage survey.

  • The sign on a Bank of America ATM machine is pictured in downtown Los Angeles
    BofA Pilots Program to Lower Mortgages

    March 04 2011 3:07 PM EST

    Arizona, Nevada, and California are among the states that have proposed using federal aid money to have Bank of America lower the amount struggling borrowers owe on their mortgages.

  • Hong Kong facing severe housing shortage for the next 20 years

    March 04 2011 8:31 AM EST

    The overheating of the Hong Kong property market has left the private housing market severely unaffordable and the trend is expected to continue for the next 20 years

  • 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Drops for Third Consecutive Week

    March 04 2011 8:23 AM EST

    McLean, VA – Freddie Mac today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey®, which shows a drop in long-term fixed rates

  • More European tourists opt for rail travel

    March 04 2011 5:41 AM EST

    Inter-European rail ticket agent Eurail reported an 11.9% increase in sales last year, indicating that more tourists than ever are opting for train journeys over flying.

  • US airlines raise prices as fuel costs soar

    March 04 2011 5:37 AM EST

    Several of the US's leading air carriers have raised fares this week as a result of continuing increases in oil prices.

  • Australian homes most overvalued in world, says survey

    March 04 2011 5:11 AM EST

    A recent report by the Economist indentifies Australia as possessing the most overvalued property market in the world, with Hong Kong and France following closely behind.