Spain has rejected the European Union's offer to compensate Spanish farmers for rumors that Spanish cucumbers started the recent outbreak of E. coli that has caused 23 deaths, primarily in Germany, according to The Guardian.

The European Union offered Spain assistance to the tune of over $220 million, but Spanish agriculture minister Rosa Aguilar said that would not be enough.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel assisted Spain in obtaining the European Union's initial offer after members of her administration started the rumors that destabilized the Spanish agricultural sector.

Almost immediately after the claims, the international community put a stop to imports of Spanish agricultural products.

Spanish farming group Agricultural Cooperatives says that if the import bans aren't lifted, the industry could stand to lose up to $287 million, endangering 70,000 jobs, largely located in economically disadvantaged Andalusia, in Spain's South.

German and European Union authorities are still searching for the culprit in the recent outbreak that has infected thousands. After pointing fingers to Spanish cucumber production, they investigated homegrown beansprouts from the North of their country.