CompuMed Inc. develops and markets products and services that combine advanced imaging with medical informatics. The company’s focus is on the analysis and remote monitoring of patients with cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases with its CardioGram and OsteoGram systems.

The company reported today that its CardioGram and OsteoGram systems have been incorporated as core components of Visio Mobile Diagnostics’ suite of telemedicine and digital x-ray-based healthcare services. Visio is Ohio’s largest provider of mobile x-ray and cardiac testing services and brings the diagnostic testing center directly to the patient. Visio has begun to roll out Compumed’s digital telemedcine technology to hospitals, occupational and home health clients, as well as long-term care facilities in mobile and rural markets across Ohio.

This announcement follows CompuMed’s recently initiated campaign to reach underserved markets for cardiac care, which include geriatric, pediatric and rural healthcare. The company plans to reach these markets by building upon its existing network of hundreds of CardioGram sites nationwide. CompuMed has launched a series of initiatives designed to deliver its telecardiology services via industry partners, like Visio, that already provide healthcare services to underserved markets.

What Is CompuMed’s CardioGram and How Does It Work?

CompuMed’s CardioGram is a portable device supported by proprietary work-flow software, with unique features designed to appeal to the cost-saving trends in eHealth, and makes performing a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) easier and more cost-efficient.

After patient preparation, the ECG is acquired with the push of a button. The ECG data is digitally transmitted via any phone or internet connection to the company’s computer laboratory for instant analysis. ECG data is interpreted by sophisticated computer algorithm and interpretations are available in near real-time at the CardioGram device. The data and interpretation can then be transferred to an electronic medical record (EMR) via CompuMed’s proprietary EMR software solution.

The company’s EMR software also allows the CompuMed’s laboratory to process ECGs for any customer from any location, regardless of the brand of ECG machine used. However, the most unique feature of the CardioGram is the device’s over-read capabilities or “The Doctor Inside”. This feature immediately engages one of CompuMed’s on-call cardiologists to over-read the computerized interpretation. Cardiologist-generated interpretations can be made available to attending physicians at the point-of-care, providing expert interpretations.

CompuMed’s long-standing position as a leader in the remote interpretation of electrocardiograms puts it ahead of the game in the emerging market for telemedicine. According to Datamonitor, the telemedicine industry is expected to nearly triple over the next three years, topping $1.6 billion.