Comstock Mining Inc. reported the results of ongoing exploratory drilling at the company’s mining properties in the United States, where the company is prospecting for gold and silver.

Comstock Mining Inc. has finished drilling thirteen reverse circulation holes at the Dayton Resource Area in western Nevada. The company reported that the results indicate the highest level of gold and silver of any sample obtained to date at the project area.

Comstock Mining Inc. reported 1.21 ounces of gold and 2.8 ounces of silver per ton in a ten foot interval at one of the reverse circulation holes drilled. The company also found silver at a deeper zone in many of the holes drilled at the Dayton Resource Area.

Comstock Mining Inc. has now drilled 32 of the 39 holes planned as part of the exploratory program at the Dayton Resource Area. The holes were drilled in various rows spaced approximately 750 feet apart. Comstock Mining Inc. said that all 32 holes found intervals of significant mineralization for both gold and silver.

Comstock Mining Inc. has various properties in Nevada, and has set a goal of reaching 3.25 million ounces of probable and proven reserves of gold by 2013. The company expects to start production in 2011.

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