Move over cheese burgers and chicken nuggets, you’re old news in Pizza Hut’s Middle East locations. The company, which clearly has gotten bored with dough and sauce sprinkled with cheese, has a new menu item: The “Cone Crust Pizza.”

Similar to its stuffed crust variations from cheese to cheeseburgers, Pizza Hut now offers a crust in the shape of individual cones filled with either Philadelphia cream cheese or honey mustard chicken. Customers can elect to have just cream cheese, just honey mustard chicken or an alternation combination of the two in the new Mixed Cone Crust Pizza. The cones are Parmesean encrusted and filled with the variations for “delight.”

If your mouth is watering for some cream cheese or tangy honey mustard, then hop on a plane to the Middle East, since the new Cone Crust Pizza is only sold in Middle Eastern branches. Or for now, just watch the YouTube video advertisement uploaded by PizzaHutMiddleEast below.