Earlier this week, Conforce International, Inc. announced that Joseph E. Sumerak would be appointed to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Sumerak has previously provided services to Conforce over the past two years as a technical consultant, designing components of Conforce’s production equipment. At Conforce, he will be responsible for developing new technology as well as overseeing R&D.

Conforce is the producer of EKO-FLOR, a composite flooring system used in the transportation industry as a replacement for wood floors in highway trailers. EKO-FLOR is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood that is resistant to stains and odors, does not absorb oils or liquid chemicals, and is resistant to microbes and insects.

Holding a Master’s of Science in Engineering, Sumerak is being brought into the Conforce team due to his experience with pultrusion science and technology, with over 36 years of experience in the pultrusion industry. Founder of Pultrusion Technology, Inc. in 1981and Pultrusion Dynamics in 1992, Sumerak has advanced research in the areas of pultrusion and heat transfer as well as working on projects involving advanced composites for the U.S. military. Sumerak has published more than 30 papers on the subject of pultrusion, as well as writing text chapters and lecturing on the subject. Sumerak has been awarded eight U.S./international patents for pultrusion products, and is a member of ACMA and PIC, organizations in the composites industry.

Marino Kulas, CEO of Conforce, said, “The addition of Joseph Sumerak to our organization is a real coup for Conforce. His technical skill-set in advanced engineering and polymer sciences is perfectly suited to the EKO-FLOR technological process. Joe will immerse himself in the Company’s production ramp-up at our Peru, Indiana manufacturing facility and work closely with our partner Bayer overseeing the upcoming transfer of technology in connection with our planned expansion into China.”