Conforce International Inc. is the developer of an innovative composite flooring system known as EKO-FLOR. EKO-FLOR has been engineered to replace the outmoded hardwood flooring currently employed by the transportation industry. It is significantly lighter, stronger and more durable than wood and has already yielded successful platform tests and over-the-road results.

The company today announced that it has started commercial production of its proprietary EKO-FLOR composite floor trailer system at its manufacturing facility in Peru, Indiana. The company will begin 24/5 production from its proprietary manufacturing platform in mid-July. It expects to have built out 20% of its manufacturing capacity by October 2011, by which time it will shift to 24/7 production.

The initial orders received by Conforce for its EKO-FLOR product came from CIMC Vanguard National Trailer Corporation totaling in excess of $450,000. This company plans to have its sales force aggressively market EKO-FLOR to its fleet customers and position it as a standard premium option on all of its trailer lines.

This order is just the beginning for Conforce. It expects broad adoption of EKO-FLOR throughout the industry. It has already had discussions with leading highway truck and trailer manufacturers including Great Dane Trailers, Wabash National, Utility, Fontaine Trailer and Hyundai Translead. At full production, its facility in Peru, Indiana will be capable of generating gross revenue in excess of $12 million per month.

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