The recent announcement by Cono Italiano, the North American license holder for the Italian pizza-in-a-cone concept called Pizza Cono, announcing plans for a microwavable version of the product, has caught the attention of more than just pizza lovers. That’s because the home convenience food market in North America is about as big as they come. It’s been a multi-billion dollar market for decades, but the ongoing economic downturn has added to its luster as being largely recession proof. As more consumers forego restaurants to eat at home, inexpensive convenience foods, such as frozen pizza, take center stage.

However, although Cono Italiano plans to tap into the home market, offering the advantages of at-home pizza aloong with the easy-to-handle benefits of their unique cone shape, a big part of the initial plan is to introduce the microwave product to movie theatres, stadiums and arenas, and other high-traffic locations as well.

The ease of use ensured by the cone shape is a natural for such venues, and the proprietary Pizza Cono recipe, which comes direct from Milan, offers a genuine taste of Italy that is expected to guarantee the product’s appeal. Cono Italiano CEO, Mitchell Brown, goes further, stating that the company has been in contact with some of the largest food franchises in the U.S. who are interested in making Pizza Cono a part of their everyday menu.

It’s this flexibility of pizza, popular in tens of thousands of pizza parlors across the country, as well as in homes, at sporting events, and just about anywhere people get together, that suggests the potential of Cono Italiano’s Pizza Cono. The proprietary ingredients, together with the convenient shape, are now set to become a part of these individual markets, a major move considering that 9 out of 10 Americans eat pizza at least once every month.

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