Cono Italiano, Inc., which holds the exclusive license for the North American Distribution and Manufacturing rights for “Pizza Cono,” a one-of-a-kind, drip-free, cone shaped pizza made from proprietary dough and manufacturer of frozen foods, today provided a broad overview to answer various inquiries from shareholders concerning the company’s current position and the direction headed.

1. Where is CNOZ headed at this time and where are our efforts being focused?

We are in the final stages of completing a USDA and FDA approved production facility with our manufacturing partner. This facility will afford us the opportunity to be the sole manufacturer for a Pizza Cone in the U.S. that can be filled at production and sold to National Food Chains, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Stadiums and Arenas. This facility will provide us with the opportunity to manufacture our new frozen food products which will be implemented in a distribution program for the C –Stores. The program will provide to Cono the sales and revenues the investment community is asking and looking for.

2. What are the Company’s core products

Cono Italiano Inc presently manufactures a 2.5 oz drip free spill free cone sold without filling, we will be offering this product filled with low fat cheese and sauce known as Pizza Cono, it will also be offered with pepperoni, sausage and vegetables. We will be offering a breakfast cone, made with egg whites and cheese and egg and cheese along with a snack cone.

Cono will be introducing a frozen food product later this year to their current Pizza Cono line of foods.

3. What has Cono Italiano accomplished recently

The company has been engaged in creating strategic alliances with manufacturers food brokers, distributors, With the development of new products and the purchase of manufacturing equipment .

4. What is the status with strategic partnerships and alliances.

The company is engaged with food brokers and distributors to represent Cono to retailers regionally and nationally. We have a marketing agreement with Dr Gadget, the Guru of giveaways, Dr Gadget can be seen on Extra, QVC, Rachel Ray show amongst others. The company has worked with Turbochef to develop cook setting in their Tornado Oven used in 7-11, Quick-Chek, Subway, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. We have also worked with Carte Blanche to develop cooking apparatus’s to be used in high efficiency ovens, using their Crossfilm Technology.

5. Is Cono Italiano Inc seeking additional capital and investors

Cono Italiano Inc is presently in discussions with several potential investors to secure financing for up to $500.000 Dollars. These funds will afford the company the opportunity to develop additional products, purchase additional equipment required to grow the brand and company. The funds will put the company in a position to organically grow and become profitable going forward, we anticipate closing with an initial investor in July 2011.

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