A big part of the history of food has involved taking an existing idea and giving it a difference, making it tastier or more convenient. Fried potato slices turned into the potato chip, ground beef turned into the hamburger, and ice cream spawned the ice cream cone.

The latest twist in the food evolution is the pizza in a cone, a concept appreciated by anyone who has rolled up a pizza slice to make it easier to eat on the run. Although there have been various attempts to roll up the pizza and make it easier to carry and eat, Pizza Cono is a unique, drip-free, cone-shaped pizza made from proprietary dough that has managed to capture the magic of pizza.

The reason behind its success could be that it all started in Italy, when Marco Messuti, known for combining the classic taste of Italian food with the speed and convenience demanded by modern consumers, invented Pizza Cono. The idea spread to countries around the world, where it was filled with varying ingredients and sold at sporting events and through catering companies. Now Cono Italiano, Inc. owns the North American distribution and manufacturing rights for Pizza Cono, and it is already starting to spread on the East Coast. The Pizza Cono is expected to expand soon into more stores, as well as stadiums, schools, and even the frozen food aisle at your local supermarket. The frozen pizza market is of special interest, representing a market topping $4 billion annually.

An important side note is that, unlike many convenience foods, the Cono Italiano Pizza Cono is only 220 calories, with 4 grams of fat, and a sodium content 40% less than traditional wraps. But the ultimate health and taste value depends largely upon what goes inside, and the company sees no limit in terms of what their patented cones can be filled with, just like it sees no real limits in terms of growth.

For additional information, visit the company’s website at www.ConoItaliano.com

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