It’s one of the biggest complaints of sports fans, along with overcrowded bathrooms and ridiculous ticket and food prices. Sporting events can last a long time, and almost everyone gets the urge for something to eat during the course of a game. There’s no shortage of vendors, but the real problem comes in getting the food back to the seat and eating it without losing most of it to the floor or clothes. Drooping pizza is a common example, virtually guaranteeing a certain amount of tomato paste adornment by the end of the game.

Enter Pizza Cono, a one-of-a-kind cone-shaped pizza that is easy to carry and eat, essentially drip-free. It’s an Italian creation, with all North American production and distribution rights belonging to New Jersey based Cono Italiano, Inc. Already being offered in a growing number of quick serve restaurants, Pizza Cono is perfectly designed for sporting and other events, where elbow room is at a premium, and convenience and taste are more important than price.

Cono Italiano recently penned a deal with Centerplate, Inc., a major provider of catering and concessions for stadiums and convention centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. First up is TD Bank Ball Park in Somerset, NJ, but Centerplate covers hundreds of other stadiums and convention centers, including professional baseball and football stadiums. Cono Italiano is also looking forward to working with other providers serving stadiums and arenas, according to company CEO, Mitchell Brown.

In addition, the company is pursuing a number of other distribution opportunities, including the huge frozen pizza market, targeting supermarkets, convenience stores, and even wholesale operations like Costco and Sam’s Club. To this end, they’ve now partnered with RJM, a major distributor of unique Italian foods.

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