Cono Italiano, Inc. owns the North American distribution and manufacturing rights for Pizza Cono. The Pizza Cono is a one-of-a-kind, drip-free, cone shaped pizza made from proprietary dough. The company aims to distribute the pizza cone to quick-service restaurants (QSR), takeaways, and leisure locations. These establishments include typical fast food chains, supermarkets, convenience stores, entertainment facilities and sports arenas.

Cono Italiano has a strategic partnership in place with TurboChef, the leading manufacturer of high efficiency ovens. Cono Italiano and the Executive Chefs of TurboChef, under the partnership, rigorously tested and developed the ideal Turbo Oven settings for the “pizza cones” as well as cones prepared with cheese steak, tacos, chicken parmigiana and egg and cheese. The settings will undergo pre-programming in the Tornado Oven.

The Tornado Oven is designed for foodservice operators who need speed, space and quality. The oven bakes, roasts, toasts, browns and broils food evenly and consistently up to 12 times faster than conventional methods. It employs a patented combination of high speed forced convection heating, dual microwaves and an infrared heating element to deliver quality food with unprecedented throughput.

Anticipating massive demand for its delicious, nutritious and versatile pizza cone product, Cono Italiano has secured a manufacturing agreement to increase production capacity to 1,600 cones per hour. In 2009, sales for frozen pizza topped $4 billion, making it one of the fastest growing categories in supermarkets and convenience stores. To date, the Pizza Cono has been featured by The New York Times, USA Today, The Food Network and AOL.

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