Consorteum Holdings, Inc. is one of the most solidly founded young companies in the financial services, payment and transaction processing industry. The company has put together a number of critical elements, often overlooked by less well-thought-out companies, to ensure their position in the marketplace and the financial security of the company.

For one, they clearly differentiate themselves from their competition by filling a gap in the financial services and transaction processing industry. Although best known for utilizing card technologies for creative payment processing solutions, Consorteum recognized early on that the best solutions are those that do not depend upon one company’s products or technologies. As a result, the company has structured itself to function outside of the traditional industry environment, working with a multitude of global technologies, enabling them to provide unusually flexible and creative customer solutions otherwise not available.

This “Right Source Solution” approach means smarter and faster deployment of technologies, along with more competitive pricing. Consorteum’s initiatives are aimed at developing “repeat spend” and “residual income” solutions, encouraging end users to repeat their spending behaviors, ensuring lasting income for their clients.

At the same time, this wide perspective has required Consorteum to assemble a team of broad based industry experts, providing the leadership necessary to capitalize on this opportunity. This has allowed the company to establish a significant number of key partnerships and strategic business relationships at the senior level with many of the largest global companies in the financial industry. It’s these relationships that give Consorteum exceptional negotiating power on behalf of their customers.

Consorteum has also planned well for its own financial security, developing and maintaining regular cash flows from all of its current contracts, and residuals from a number of yet to be disclosed initiatives, as well as creating a sophisticated and proven framework for project and partner acquisition. Management believes that this strategy of diversification for card, payment, and transaction processing solutions will significantly reduce the long-term risks of shareholders.

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