Consorteum Holdings, Inc., developer of digital media services and solutions, announced that Rudy Youngblood will be the lead spokesman for the company’s innovative MasterCard® program which will be initially targeted at Canadian Aboriginal communities.

A Native American, Rudy Youngblood is very proud of who he is and where he comes from. Prior to making his film debut as the lead role in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (2006), Youngblood toured for three seasons with the Native American dance/theatrical production Peter Buffett’s Spirit – The Seventh Fire as the Warrior Protector. In 2005, he moved to Los Angeles to create his own theatrical production. Youngblood spent weeks preparing for the filming of the movie, for which he had to learn the Yucatan Maya language.

Rudy’s passion is motivating youth and spends time talking to them whenever he can. He sees the youth as the future. Rudy is currently planning a motivational speaking tour across Canada and the United States inspiring and encouraging the younger generations in the Native Tribes as well as in the inner cities that surround them. Rudy is also working to create an environmentally friendly charity fund that will be incorporated with his motivational speaking tour. Rudy is passionate about giving back to his native people and people of all backgrounds to help them succeed. Rudy is an entrepreneur affiliated in various business fields which integrate his many ideas and passions.

According to Consorteum, the First Nations program fits perfectly with Rudy’s stated desires to help people. Commenting on his involvement, Youngblood stated, “This journey presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a program that will change history. This is something I have been fighting for all of my life and to provide the Tribal regions with access to a full suite of financial services is tremendously empowering. It brings tears to my heart to think this movement is really happening and that my small role may help improve the lives of many people. I am proud to be a native man and speak for all of my people, and also for the inner-city youth. We are all one and should work together and grow as one… remember we are all people after all.”

In the third quarter, a series of launch events are planned across Canada headlined by actor Rudy Youngblood. Major cities will include Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. These First Nations launch events will help set the key messages of the First Nations Community program, driven through three key words “Inspire, Community and Unity.” Rudy Youngblood is a positive role model to aboriginal youth and youth in general. He will be able to convey his message of hope and opportunity through motivational presentations and performances at each event location. He will touch all people in each aboriginal community through his talks and artistic performances. In doing so, Consorteum aims to draw awareness to the launch of Financial Services, the first of which will be the First Nations Community MasterCard® developed and managed by Consorteum Holdings, Inc.

By issuing cards instead of checks, the community can save the cost and time associated with creating and mailing/distributing checks, and additional costs associated with replacing a lost or stolen check. The First Nations MasterCard® acts and looks just like a regular credit card. The MasterCard® cards are loaded with funds in advance and are easily re-loadable, making it a great and safe alternative to carrying cash. Unlike a traditional credit card, purchases made with the card are automatically deducted directly from the card balance. Offering many of the same safety and security features as a regular MasterCard®, the First Nations MasterCard® allows cardholders to make purchases or withdraw cash from participating ATM machines.

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