Consorteum Holdings Inc., a company dedicated to creative payment technologies and applications, offers a new and efficient way for companies to deal with rebates. Today, rebate programs are commonplace, offered by thousands of consumer-focused companies. But they tend to be cumbersome for consumers to take advantage of, and for companies to manage. In fact, many businesses pass off rebate processing to third-party rebate handling companies.

For example, Sony might offer a $100 mail-in rebate when a consumer purchases a certain model of television. When the consumer applies for the mail-in rebate, they are sent to a separate rebate processing company. The consumer has to remember to apply for the rebate, gather and send in all of the needed paperwork, and then wait for a response. If there is a problem, they are left caught between two separate companies.

The consumer experience is often frustrating, even when things work right. As a result, a significant percentage of consumers never take advantage of rebates, and have even learned to avoid them as not being worth the trouble. In addition, for the originating company, the rebate process can be costly and difficult to manage, reducing whatever marketing advantages the program might represent.

Consorteum offers a better solution. The current costs, processes, and administrative requirements associated with a typical rebate program can be significantly reduced by replacing it with a simple gift card. The card can be loaded (or reloaded) with the rebate value, and the consumer can then use the card in whatever way is prescribed by the program. It’s simple for the company to manage, and much more satisfying to the customer.

Increased customer satisfaction with the rebate process leads to an overall better product experience, resulting in repeat business and improved brand awareness. Consorteum’s ability to deliver “Branded Gift Card Programs” allows companies to increase brand loyalty, while employing a solution that is more manageable for everyone involved.

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