Consorteum Holdings, Inc. has already traded over 3.3 million shares so far today! The stock is currently trading at $0.0725, up 141.67% from yesterday’s close. Earlier today, the stock went as high as $0.08, a 700% gain from the beginning of this week!

On Tuesday, Consorteum announced that it reached an agreement with a private investor to settle an outstanding investment loan. The investor agreed to accept 1,500,000 shares at a price of 0.20 per share as settlement for their $300,000 investment loan. With shares still trading at less than a dime, the exchange was completed at a substantial premium to the current share price.

Yesterday, Consorteum issued another press release announcing that it has increased its stake in My Golf Rewards Canada, Inc. from forty-nine percent (49%) to seventy-five percent (75%). Consorteum believes that this joint-venture will not only revolutionize the North American golf industry, but will be successful in helping increase the company’s own bottom line.

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