Yesterday after the closing bell, Consorteum Holdings Inc. was pleased to announce that their stake in My Golf Rewards Canada Inc. increased from forty-nine percent (49%) to seventy-five percent (75%).

The commercial launch of the program in an initial pilot demonstrated potential for a seasonal increase in revenue of over $25,000 per season. Consorteum firmly believes this program will help increase the bottom lines of golf courses by increasing revenues.

Consorteum believes that this unique “paid to play” golf loyalty program and its instant reward, will not only revolutionize the North American golf industry, but will be successful in helping increase the company’s own bottom line.

For Consorteum Holdings and its shareholders, The My Golf Rewards program generates incremental revenue on every transaction processed, whether the cardholder is collecting loyalty rewards or redeeming rewards, at any participating golf course.

Craig Fielding, CEO of Consorteum Holdings, stated, “The decision to increase Consorteum’s ownership in My Golf is based upon financial data from a very successful pilot. Consorteum Holdings and Innovative Loyalty Solutions will expand the My Golf Rewards program this summer with an aggressive sales and marketing strategy coupled with new investment in 2010 to amplify the program’s visibility within the North American golf industry.”

He continued, “Consorteum’s increased ownership stake will further enable the company to leverage the My Golf Rewards Inc. loyalty technology to provide our current and future client with a wider range of capabilities and value added services.”

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