Consorteum Holdings, Inc. just announced the commercial launch of its first international payroll and multi-currency solution with UK based Blue Sea Manning Ltd. The new offering will allow businesses to accept payments in multiple currencies and then pay their employees in the local currency of their choice.

Quent Rickerby, President & COO of Consorteum Holdings Inc., stated, “This is the first step in a significant business and revenue opportunity for Consorteum Holdings Inc. within the $27 Billion dollar offshore cruise-ship and private yachting industry. By providing new multi-currency payroll, payment and settlement solutions not widely available within the industry today, the flexibility of this solution will offer a new and unique way for ship owners to pay staff from all over the world in almost any currency.”

Blue Sea Manning provides first class officers and crews for yachts, cruise ships, and offshore vessels. With ship owners and staff placed across the globe, Blue Sea Manning needed a streamlined way of accepting payments in multiple currencies from ship owners, converting the funds, and paying their officers and crew in the local currency of choice.

Mr. Rickerby added, “With hundreds of thousands of employees around the world, ship owners are looking at better ways to streamline their processes and reduce the substantial administrative costs of payroll. Commencing immediately to provide these services, Consorteum Holdings will generate residual revenues from every payroll and multi-currency transaction processed.”

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