Consorteum Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned operating subsidiary Consorteum Inc. (Ontario), has formed a strategic marketing partnership with NxSystems, Inc., a Global Payment Solution Network provider.

The business partnership will enable Consorteum to swiftly increase their operations and service offerings on a global scale by leveraging NxSystems’ proprietary NxPay multiple currency payment and settlement platform. Consorteum has already engaged in several new projects internationally that require NxSystems’ multi-currency capabilities. According to the company, additional details will be announced shortly.

Quent Rickerby, President & COO of Consorteum Holdings Inc., stated, “Consorteum continues to receive inquiries from both domestic and international clients to solve their multiple currency clearing problems. By partnering with NxSystems, Consorteum will be able to meet these specific requirements and quickly deploy multiple currency solutions worldwide.”

“By entering into a marketing relationship with Consorteum, NxSystems has expanded its stored value solutions, electronic payments, split-tender and multi-currency presence throughout the world,” commented Scott Amon, President of NxSystems, Inc. “We look forward to working with Consorteum Inc. in this endeavor.”

As Consorteum continues to grow its operations internationally in the coming year, the company will be able to provide Stored Value Cards, Prepaid Credit and Debit Cards, International and Domestic Payroll Cards, Commission Cards, Incentive Cards, MLM (multi-level marketing) Cards, Gift Cards, Global Electronic Payments, International Online Payment, e-Wallets, Merchant Discount Rates and Worldwide Multi-Currency Payment Platform Solutions that are flexible, affordable, and profitable.

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