Consorteum Holdings Inc., a Canadian based provider of creative financial transaction solutions, sees a clear and unmet need in the financial transaction market which it has positioned itself to fill.

Financial processors essentially just settle credit, debit, and ATM transactions on behalf of their own network of merchants and associated financial institutions. However, they also possess the infrastructure and client base to provide a number of additional products and services, which they could do if they formed partnership agreements with organizations that supply value-added services in the card/payment industries.

In spite of this opportunity, today’s processors do not seem to have the time, expertise, or bandwidth to research or implement all of the new potential products and services they could make available to their clients, such as new card solutions, payment products (cell phones, RFID, etc.).

Consorteum is taking the lead in addressing this significant market, and has already developed the key relationships with service and product providers to unite them with suitable end-users and bring about these innovative processing solutions.

• Consorteum has formed solid relationships with the processors, and MasterCard International, to offer such solutions, focusing mainly on guaranteed card programs and other new transaction initiatives.
• Consorteum also has relationships with critical product suppliers, to provide the best technologies for the need.
• Consorteum has the processing and card industry familiarity required to do the associated consulting and project management, ensuring that the client and processor are abiding by card industry rules.
• Consorteum has the expertise necessary for the successful deployment, management, and scale-up of large financial processing initiatives.
• Consorteum has negotiated wholesale pricing for low transaction rates, covering all card programs that can be used for benefit payments, payroll, and check cashing, plus other transaction solutions.
• Consorteum is well positioned to offer all of these services on a worldwide basis.

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