The last few months have seen a number of developments for Consorteum Holdings Inc., the innovative provider of financial transaction solutions. The company has established new partnerships and modified existing ones, all as part of its continued search for new ways to offer value to clients while generating new opportunities and revenues for Consorteum.

In January, the company increased its ownership position in My Golf Rewards, the popular customer loyalty program for golf courses. The joint venture partnership with Innovative Loyalty Solutions and Score Golf Magazine is expected to grow as golf course owners seek ways to increase customer spending. Courses that were part of the pilot program increased their revenues significantly, confirming the effectiveness of the program. The My Golf Rewards sales team is now aggressively targeting courses throughout North America and internationally for the 2010 season.

Consorteum also recently began offering the cruise ship and private yacht industry a highly cost-effective solution for international payroll and currency settlement, kicked off by the recent launch of Blue Sea Manning’s new payroll and multi-currency program. It’s a huge opportunity, driven by an industry looking for ways to reduce the administrative costs involved in processing crew and supplier payments in multiple currencies. Consorteum is already aiming at several of the large cruise ship and private yacht owners.

In the meantime, Consorteum is continuing to solidify its contractual relationship with NxSystems. The agreement allows Consorteum to grow their operations globally by leveraging NxSystem’s proprietary NxPay multiple currency payment and settlement platform. The development is expected to result in an increased international ability to provide stored value cards, prepaid credit and debit cards, international and domestic payroll cards, and many other solutions for multi-currency environments.

Consorteum, in conjunction with First Nations Financial Services, is also launching a benefits and payroll card program to enable members to receive benefit and payroll funds directly into secured prepaid MasterCards, reducing the need for manual checks.

As if all that weren’t enough, the company has managed to put together a new Board of Advisors, consisting of senior industry and business experts, including retired Chairman and CEO of McDonald’s Japan and Canada, Mr. Pat Donahue.

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