Consorteum Holdings Inc., best known for providing creative systems to facilitate financial transactions, is one of the most carefully managed companies you could hope to find. Every step of their growth is viewed as a well thought out and integral component of their overall growth strategy. As part of this, Consorteum has formulated a 10-step execution plan, a good example of the company’s detailed approach.

1) Project Overview Evaluation

Management and client meet to discuss the potential business opportunity, one which is within a defined industry vertical. Management conducts a review to determine if the initiative fits within Consorteum’s current business model and competencies.

2) Business Model and Revenue Projections

Once the initiative is evaluated as suitable for the company’s capabilities, Consorteum works with the client to evaluate the business model and revenue projections. At the same time, Consorteum also starts the process of negotiating contract fees and the potential revenue sharing opportunity.

3) Marketplace Analysis

Consorteum’s evaluation team works with the client to review and create a market analysis for the initiative, as well as ensure that the initiative represents a viable marketplace need and adoption rate.

4) Technical Requirement Overview

Once the business and initiative overview are completed and approved by senior management, Consorteum proceeds to create the technical requirements overview document for the initiative.

5) Technology Partner Evaluation

Once it has been established that the initiative is technically viable, Consorteum begins the process of picking the right-fit technology partners. This includes a full on-site review and thorough due diligence regarding the technology partner(s) and their capabilities.

6) Contract Signoffs

After the initiative overview and all evaluations are completed and approved by senior management, Consorteum develops an exclusive contract with the defined customer. Once this contract is finalized and in place with the said customer base, Consorteum secures contracts with the technology partner(s).

7) Deployment Schedule

Once the contracts are signed with all parties, Consorteum’s Project Development Team works with the technology partner(s) to establish a deployment schedule for the customer.

8 ) Implementation of Program (Initiative)

Consorteum’s Project Development team works directly with the customer and the technology partner(s) to ensure complete and timely deployment for the initiative.

9) Sales and Marketing Support

Depending upon the negotiated contract, Consorteum also offers pre-launch and post-launch sales and marketing support to the customer, enabling the customer to leverage industry expertise within the initiative.

10) Ongoing Program Review and Additional Opportunities

Once the initiative is launched, Consorteum works with the customer to review the success of the initiative and explore additional value-added technologies to enhance the solution and create new revenue streams for 1) clients inside the initiative, 2) technology partner(s), and 3) Consorteum.

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