Consorteum Holdings Inc. has carefully positioned itself to take advantage of something that every one of us uses, but relatively few people really know about. It’s called the World Wide Transaction Processing Web, and it’s at the core of the world’s transaction processing infrastructure. Each and every time you, or anyone else around the world, swipes a credit or debit card, this vast processing network is used, sending secure signals around the globe in mere seconds to ensure that all parties in the transaction are properly accounted.

For example, a transaction at a retail shop in Singapore could easily involve a MasterCard that was issued half way around the world in the U.K. to a U.K. resident. In seconds, the transaction is routed for approval to the bank that issued the card. If approved, the funds are electronically released and the transaction in Singapore is notified. Concurrently, the issuing bank also sends a credit to the store’s bank releasing the funds so that they can be deposited into the merchant’s account.

It’s a process that occurs in every country, millions of times a day, all thanks to the World Wide Transaction Processing Web. Any global transaction can use the process, since it’s open to virtually any association that issues a credit or debit card, provided the card in question conforms to network rules.

Consorteum makes use of this far-reaching global processing infrastructure in an innovative way to address a growing but still largely underserved market, millions of individuals who are unbanked or underbanked. These are people who, for whatever reasons, find it difficult or impossible to cash their paychecks or engage in many of the other standard financial transactions that are otherwise taken for granted. The brilliance of Consorteum’s position is that the basic technology is already in place to serve this market, and the critical needy market is already established and waiting. Simply put, this means that Consorteum does not have to build initiatives and then attempt to deploy, like most companies.

All this enables the company to be a leading edge partner for processors, acquirers, and the other players in the global processing market. It opens up unique opportunities for them in the areas of benefits payments, rebates, payroll, check cashing, and loyalty programs, all areas in which Consorteum is now growing.

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