Consorteum Holdings Inc. scopes out global opportunities in the financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The company then works to develop “right source solutions” for companies looking to maximize their business potential. To execute this strategy, Consoretum has established relationships with technology partners around the world to create customized solutions for its diverse clients.

The company offers a suite of technologies that are designed around each customer’s needs. Those technologies include payroll cards; re-loadable prepaid cards; gift cards; benefit, rebate and loyalty cards; and merchant discount rates. Services include specialized consulting services, customizable technology solutions, end-to-end project management, sales and marketing support, as well as various other relative solutions.

Consorteum has voiced its plans for international growth in the upcoming year as it seeks out avenues to expand its products and service offerings, and recently announced it has inked a strategic marketing partnership with NxSystems Inc., a global payment solution network provider. The deal is expected to accelerate Consorteum’s operations and service offerings on a global scale, fueled by NxSystems’ proprietary currency payment and settlement platform.

The company also recently announced it has increased its stake in My Golf Rewards Canada Inc. from a 49 percent ownership to a 75 percent ownership, based in part on My Golf’s seasonal revenues increase.

“The decision to increase Consorteum’s ownership in My Golf is based upon financial data from a very successful pilot. Consorteum Holdings and Innovative Loyalty Solutions, will expand the My Golf Rewards program this summer with an aggressive sales and marketing strategy coupled with new investment in 2010 to amplify the program’s visibility within the North American golf industry,” Craig Fielding, CEO of Consorteum stated.

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